Saturday, July 30, 2011

RebelBucks updates

Rebelbucks is still going strong. Many people are getting paypal payouts daily as well as amazon gift cards. Make sure you signup and get your share!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

GPT site: Rebelbucks

This is another GPT site I use called Rebelbucks. Rebelbucks has more of a focus on straight up cashing out for your money. I believe they offer paypal+amazon gift certificates. In comparison, rebelbucks had the better referral system. I've only recently started using the site, so I'm not sure how it fares in comparison to other sites I've used. But so far I have five points on rebelbucks and still going :D

Positives of Rebelbucks
-Quick minimum $1 cashout
-Easy offer crediting
-Generous referral system
-Offers a variety of choices for prizes

This is an example of someone getting an amazon gift certificate from rebelbucks

If you want a referral link leave a comment